Thai Chili Peppers: The TasteHitch Method

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Thai cuisine is dependent on the humble chilli pepper to give it that special spiciness that we know, love and regret in the morning.

Many different methods of calculating the relative hotness of chilies have been devised with the classic Scoville scale being considered the most useful, scientific and standardised.

Unfortunately, the Scoville scale relies on numbers and these have a tendency to become very abstract once moving beyond a certain point. It’s like giving weight in kilos back home. Everyone kind of knows what one kilo looks like but scale it up to the mid-80s and you’ll be asked ‘what’s that in stone?’

So, to aid and educate those who wish to sample the heat of a chilli, but need a metaphor that is grounded in real experience, I will be using a new method which, from this day forth, shall be called the TasteHitch Method.

The TasteHitch Method…

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