Green Frog

Green green. Lovely pic

Eliza Waters


Here is one of the handsome green frogs that take up residence every summer in the small pond outside our front door. This fellow came out to enjoy the sun on one of warm days we had last week, basking on the little pagoda lantern right near the edge.

I believe our visitors are drawn by the sound of water splashing in the fountain. On summer evenings while we sit conversing on the porch, they will put in a word or two with a “ka-dunk” or “bar-umph,” often hilariously well-timed to our conversations, like they are agreeing or putting in their two cents.

Because this shallow pond freezes solid every winter and kills any amphibians that attempt to hibernate in it, every fall we must drain it, relocating all the residents to overwinter in a muddy lagoon in the river below the house. Last year we captured 14 frogs of various sizes, all of them showing up over the course of…

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