A Rescued Rock Dove

What a fabulous touching story!

The Tropical Flowering Zone

Rock DoveI found The Rock Dove (Columba livia) that I rehabbed myself. It was two weeks old when I found her. We assumed she fell from her nest and was limping and could not bear weight in one of her legs. Here she’s 4 weeks old.

Rock PigeonMy beautiful Dove has matured and is now 8 weeks old. Her limping mysteriously stopped. She flies all around the area but returns home to feed. One day she will leave forever to find a mate. This is one of the best articles I’ve read on Rock Doves: http://www.discoverwildlife.com/british-wildlife/feral-pigeon-flying-rat-or-urban-hero They are indeed, my “urban heroes”, just like “house sparrows“.

Rock Dove“The dove and very blessed spirit of peace.”-William Shakespeare 

“The heart is like a homing pigeon always finding its way home to illuminate.”-unknown

original_annunciation-SMM-mosaic2The dove and the angel
“In the 5th century, in the mosaic of the triumphal arch in Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, a flying…

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