10 Tips for Packing a Zero-Waste Lunch

Fabulous sustainable ideas for a Zero-Waste Lunch!

The Zero-Waste Chef

Zero-waste salad to go Zero-waste salad to go

My younger daughter Charlotte returns to school this week. That means homework for her, chauffeur duty for me and what’s-for-lunch panic for both of us every morning.

1. Come up with a menu. Preparing a zero-waste lunch begins with the food—packaged and processed versus naked and homemade. But creating menus is not my strong suit. I have a bit of a head-in-the-sand-we’ll-find-something-to-eat mentality. This school year I hope that changes. (I’ll try to stick to my own tips.) Zero-waste options include:

  • Sandwiches. When I buy bread rather than baking it, I can get it without packaging at the market near me and put it in my own cloth produce/bulk bag. I can also get unpackaged meat at the deli counter in my own container. Yes, it comes to the store packaged in plastic, so this isn’t perfect, but it’s better than buying shrink-wrapped deli meat.

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