This is not an apple tart – The Garum Factory slims down.

Oh My!!!! Now I am just dying for a slice!

The Garum Factory

Apple Tart-9834

This past week Jody made two apple tarts.  I photographed them and, despite their differences in sugar and salt, thought they were both delicious.  Jody did not.  “You know,” she said. “Neither of these is as good as the sheet pan apple tart.”  She was referring to this.   “We should just republish it and tell everyone what happened.  People like it when you’re honest about not getting things perfect.”  Mm-hmm.  In principle, I agree with this, but I sensed a tremor in the force.  “Maybe,” she continued, “we need to think about what we’re doing.”  Not a tremor.  A quake.   A 7.4 on the Uh-Oh Seismometer.  

If you’ve been there, you’ll know exactly what kind of Uh-oh I’m talking about, the one where Imminent Change is striding about your house, clanging garbage can lids together while shouting, “You’ve got com-pan-nee!”

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