Blackberry-Goat Cheese Hand Pies and a Giveaway

Double Wow!

Bourbon & Brown Sugar

handpie4I have a confession to make.  I love Pop Tarts.  Cherry Pop Tarts to be exact.  Or Brown Sugar Pop Tarts (but only with frosting.)  Never mind that the nutrition label lists a number of truly terrifying-sounding ingredients (Dare I stop to contemplate: What is sodium acid pyropospate exactly?  Or sodium stearyol lactylate? And why do you need so many different types of food dye in such a small pastry?)  I’ll overlook all that… they are a guilty pleasure – and I can’t watch a Gilmore Girls episode without being reminded of just how much I crave them.  And I watch a lot of Gilmore Girls episodes.

handpie2So what does this have to do with hand pies? (You might be asking at this point.)  I don’t eat very many Pop Tarts these days… I understand they’re not a particularly healthy breakfast option.  But pastries filled with real fruit intrigue me…

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