The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin *****

Ah, what a glorious place.


Hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin *****


Reception and welcome Very nice and friendly.
Welcome drink No.
Free upgrade Asked and wasn´t given.
Valet and parking Yes and yes, parking and valet wasn´t free of charge. Service was great and professional.
Concierge Yes and the young boy was so nice and studious.


Sparkling wine Yes!! 🙂
Hot meal Yes.
In general

Breakfast was amazing, the breakfast room was so cool and the food was everywhere. So much variety. There were so many little things that were so cute, for example for the cook who made omlets (is it a word in English?) and pancakes, there was this very beautiful bowl to put the eggshells into. There wasn´t lots of trash and stuff like that lying around, everything was thought through. Very cool breakfast and delicious too.

The room

In general

The room was beautiful, I liked that the hall was…

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