Tutorial: How to Make a Traditional Tincture with Roots

Another great article from Minnesota Herbalist! I just had to re-post!

It’s not too late to make medicine this season.  As long as you can still properly identify the plant you are harvesting you can still make root tinctures.   Root tinctures can be made until the ground is too frozen for your shovel. During autumn plants have flowered and gone to seed and green leaves and stems have dried and withered.  If a plant is an annual then autumn marks the end of the lifecycle. If a plant is perennial, autumn marks the return of  all of a plant’s life energy or metabolic energy into the roots or other underground parts  to await the coming of the spring again.  You can read more about the rhythm of medicine making through the calendar here. The underground parts of many plants are medicinal.  Familiarize yourself with which plants have medicinal roots.   Good choices for beginners are Dandelion, Yellow Dock and Burdock.  The…

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