Fruits of Fall: (Part One) Rose Family Plants, Rosehips + Recipes)

Very impressive!


The little prairie is on a bluff over the city. The birds were calling and the grass rustling in the breeze but the sounds of the city were present all around me. A helicopter probably headed to a downtown hospital or checking the traffic was overhead, I could hear a guy talking on his cell phone and the sound of the train down below the bluff. Then my phone rang…it was my kid calling. He called three times while I was harvesting Rosehips.  I am an herbalist who also deals with traffic and cell phones and kids who want to know what’s for dinner and need help with their homework.

The prairie was dripping with Rosehips.  Today was one of those glorious October days made more precious from the knowledge that cold and darkness lay around the corner in wait.

I was standing in a large stand of roses amid…

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