First stop: Paros

Fabulous pics, fabulous journey!

2 tickets to Wonderland

After a short boat ride we were on Paros. Ferry stops in main town Parikia, where we had booked an accommodation. It was the first town that had the opportunity to impress us. It did a great job! 🙂

What to see and do

Parikia is the town we fell in love with. It was our first time on Cyclades and although we’ve heard about beautiful, narrow streets, it still took our breath away. Everything is so neat and stylish. There are many beautiful shops and small, cosy cafes. Ground is made of stone and neatly colored with white so it looks like a giant puzzle. That’s typical for all towns in Cyclades. The intensity of color shows, that they really take care for the looks. It is so white, that you can hardly look without sun glasses.


DSC_0064-7-2DSC_0063-6-2Parikia-2DSC_0122-4-2DSC_0129-3-2In four days on Paros, we took a day to cruise the…

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