A Touch of Fall

Fall colorsWell, it has been a long time writing and long over due. I am so glad to be back!

From enjoying the last sunny Autumn days with my granddaughter to writing 30+ articles a week and a 6843 page Kendal book to read and review.

Then there’s the big move to the country. Packing, sorting and packing some more. Plus potting up my outdoor plants to save before the hard freeze.

Oh, and let’s not forget my new-found picture mania. I have to take at least one pic a day. And my, did I capture some great shots!  It’s no wonder that this ‘older’ body feels tired.

My mind won’t give the body a rest. I am always busy with something. Either physically or mentally always going. I think the hardest thing is not doing anything at all. But then my subconscious mind takes over when I’m sleeping. For health and sanity’s sake, it;s a good thing.  It’s real heavy sleep too. That’s when my body says enough,  ‘You have pushed the limit’. Those are the days I sleep in til 9:30 and feel guilty as a child who was just got caught dipping their fingers into the apple pie. Guilty as pie I am.

So anyway, I thought I’d share some pictures of my crazy three weeks.

horses goat and vickyThis was one of the last nice days of the month before the rains took over and leaves started to mulch the ground.

And what a glorious day it was! I was out on the ranch helping my friend Vicky escort the horses to better grass and feed.

As you can see, the goat decided be part of the action. However, that’s not always a good thing. The little guy may be small but he packs one heck of a butt with his head when he’s got the notion to be feisty .

We all had a blast that day corralling the horses and chasing deer out of the garden. Or what little was left. Although we did lunch on some late harvested squash and garlic. It was delightful!

And speaking of deer. I recently moved to a small ranch where the deer, dogs, horses and even wild turkey share the same field. Darn if I didn’t have my camera when all the peaceful yet different animals shared the same space. I could have captured all of them in one pic. Three dogs, 4 horses, 5 deer and 6 wild turkeys. Now why can’t us ‘smarter’ humans share like that. It seems that the creatures get pretty brave this time of year, I suppose it’s time to fatten up before the snow flies.

Well, after rounding up the animals after their long feed. Vicky and I had a quick chat and a cup of Joe then said our warm good-byes. Sad, I probably won’t see her until next spring when the crocuses pop their heads out of the ground.

crocusesOh my, now it’s fall time right? Well, you’d think the crocuses would know that too. Here’s a shot I couldn’t refuse. This picture was taken the second week of October. It should really make one wonder.

So many people say “Nay, there’s no such thing as climate change, It’s a crock of horse manure”.

I say, if you want proof then take a look around you.

There are way too many strange changes in our weather and environment. Even the crocuses are confused.

Get a load of this. Aren’t these conks just fascinating? No, they are not mushrooms. There’s a big difference between a mushroom and a conk. A conk resembles a mushroom in many ways but is has an entirely different plant classification. The conk does not have gills on the underside like a mushroom nor does it decay quickly like a shroom. It usually remains on the tree several months or years and can add new layers of growth each year. Sad to say, conks are like a disease and feeds on the sap or bark of a tree. Some conks are an amazing medicinal or can be used to make a nice earthy tea. See Chaga | A Rediscovered Superfood and Chaga Tea Latte


My new home. Well, like I was saying. I moved way out in the country near the foothills of one of the many mountain ranges here. Trust me, we have numerous mountain ranges, lakes, rivers and glaciers. I feel very blessed to live here. Now, don’t pack your bags to quickly. This country isn’t for all folks. It can be hard living sometimes.

We get some bitter cold snowy winters plus freezing winds that will knock you down before you know what hit you. Oh, and the lightening storms. I love the display of Mother Natures fireworks. But the storms here are nothing to mess around with. You run for cover quickly if you hear even the smallest thunder clap. Many times I have been caught in the eye of a lightening storm. Just last spring I had a friend that was out in one of these storms and tried to use her cell phone. Well, she got hit by lightening alright. Thank goodness she wasn’t hurt but the cell phone was pretty fried. You could see where lightening struck part of it. The phone sort of melded and was discolored in  a few places.

deerSo, back on the ranch. My first day at my new place I was greeted by a flock of wild turkeys. There were a total of 6, all scurrying as soon as they got wind of me.

The next morning there were 5 deer in the yard right next to the dog pin. They weren’t even 10 feet away. The dogs didn’t mind at all. In fact, I could tell that they gave up barking at the deer months ago.

Later on I managed to seize a pic of a few does in the front yard before they darted off back into the woods.

I also found out that the owner of the property used to ride and train horses. At one time she had over 50 horses on the ranch here. She raised many Thoroughbreds that became worldwide champions. I think it’s time to learn how to really ride. Her horses are beautiful and I couldn’t have a better teacher.

Well, I have an early day tomorrow and much to do. It is already 2 am, so I will say good night. Until next time folks.



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    • Ah, thank you so much tastehitch. I suppose Bangkok doesn’t have much on fall colors and the closest place to see Autumn beauty is many a days ride away. PS Thank you for the follow!

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