The bird with the clue

Great Prose and Cat

Luna, the Little Chomper

Ya like this cat tree?  Huh?

Luna about to claw tree

Workin’ the paws.  Workin’ the paws.


Luna clawing at tree

MeOW!  Who’s the bad cat?  Who’s the bad cat!?

Wait… I hear something!

Luna clawing tree while looking out window

What’s is that chirping?


Luna looking at 2 birds through window

I see two of them.  They’re chittering about something.  They found something!

But what is it?

Wait!  Two more!  It must be something really big!  They found…

Luna looking at 4 birds through window


I can’t hear where.  One spotted me!  Quick!  The other window!

*pounce* *flop*

Luna looking fat on sofa looking out window

Oh no… This is not good.

The birds flew off.

Front view of sunny Luna looking out through window

I forgot they could do that.

No matter.  I don’t have a job.

Luna at window screen looking to side

I’ll wait right here till they fly back. Meow!

Crap.  I hear a chirp from the other window.

Upward view of Luna at window

This had better be worth moving my lazy ass.

Okay window.

Luna peeking out over window sill

Show me bird!

Where are you, my feathery little angel!

Luna standing on window sill and chair looking out

Where are they???

Aha!  I see them flying!

Luna looking straight out window through screen

The ones from the roof!  They’re…

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