Healthy Market Adventure: Fun in the Sun

Talk about an amazing Farmers market

Healthy Cravings

PicsArt_1413720886359 Red Dragonfruits

I get super excited when Sunday hits the week. Why? Aside from most of us its family day, for me its also my Market Day! It’s not the typical  supermarket in the malls  that I am referring to  but our Healthy Local Market in our village. Yes! Healthy Local Market Day is one of my most awaiting day that I really make sure I bring my own market bag and my camera. Every Sunday, I buy different kinds of vegetables and fruits. I choose the ones that very vibrant  colors. Healthy looking veggies and mouth watering fruits.

PicsArt_1413697083329 Red Lady Papaya

Can you imagine being surrounded by the healthy goods? For me, it’s already like a beautiful scenery that the freshness of nature is in front of you. Unlike if you go the Supermarket that you just walk with your cart and fill it up with many unhealthy temptations…

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