Photos of the Week #39

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WEEK 39 OF 52

Let’s call this a Rasputin special, shall we? Trout was away all weekend in Cornwall, which clearly turned me into Crazy Cat Lady. I had a big deadline for a freelance project I’m working on so sadly missed out on the Cornish fun, but Rasputin was cracking company.


Here is in various positions around the house: Keeping watch.//Hiding under the covers.//Keeping me company while I worked.//Sleeping while I worked.// He’s a bit cute, isn’t he?


We met up with some friends earlier in the week to celebrate a birthday and eat some lovely Indian food. It was such a nice mid-week treat, and we stayed chatting long after our plates had been cleared. Of course I had a dosa! I just can’t resist them.//


Other things I’ve been eating; Christmas Pud Nakd bars! They’re so good. Super cinnamony and they really taste…

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