ExpoFinds: Ollois Dairy-Free Homeopathy

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Homeopathy is a system of medicine where in like-cures-likeand has been in practice around the world for almost two centuries. For a variety of reasons, homeopathy is considered controversial, however, my personal experiences with homeopathy have been really positive. My only personal complaint about homeopathic remedies is that they are in lactose tablets – which means dairy and non-vegan.

But now, Ollois, a French company, is now making dairy-free homeopathic remedies in sugar pellets instead of lactose pellets. (These are tiny, by the way, it’s not like eating a piece of candy – so you don’t have to be concerned about too much sugar.)

OLLO Photo from Ollois Website

Ollois currently makes 45 vegan-friendly, dairy-free remedies for digestive upset, pain, skin troubles, stress, sleep disorders, ear/nose/throat, women’s issues and cold/flu maladies. You can log on and use Ollois’ chart to determine which remedy might be best for you. However, that…

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