Detoxing; like it’s January

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The holiday have flown by, and, as expected, I overindulged. Unfortunately, my indulgences that ended up being new recipes were sadly not posted.  As a new years resolution I’m not going to apologize or make excuses in every post I get derailed otherwise this blog will become uncomfortably repetitive.  I do hope to revisit those recipes again for your viewing a noshing pleasure in future posts which means I get to make yummy food all over again! If you feel like imagining such posts, for the books I made a sweet and savory version of this caramelized onion dip, I experimented in making cashew cheese for the first time as well as I got to play with my new grill Santa got me by making some rad waffles and cheesy panini’s (paninis not pictured).

photo 1 (2)Once I have the kinks worked out with my new kitchen gadget (and some sun)…

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