Carrot Cake Bars

Wow~ this looks amazing!

scratch the recipe!

This is a perfect recipe for a chilly fall afternoon.  These ridiculously easy to make moist cake bars are really called “Baby Food Bars” and it’s a recipe my grandma made us often while growing up.   It originated from the Open Line radio show in Iowa.  The only thing I’ve altered is the frosting.  These could easily be made dairy-free, using powdered egg replacer.

The recipe makes a rather large batch (10×15 jelly roll size, so I sometimes half it and use a 9×13 or 8×12 pan).

Baby Food Bars

3 eggs

2 C sugar

1 1/4 C canola oil

two 4 oz. jars of apricot-applesauce baby food (if you can’t find this, it’s sometimes labeled fruit medley or plain applesauce would likely work)

(one jar of pureed apples and one jar of pureed apricots would also do the trick)

one 4 oz. jar of pureed carrots baby food


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