Home Diaries: An Enchanting Adventure

More than just lovely, the décor is spectacular!

Storytellers of Wonder

When September came knocking, we were invited by blogger Aradhana Anand to tour her gorgeous Delhi home.

Before returning to India after nearly twelve years, Aradhana had begun re-decorating her room to create a space she could move back to and truly call her own.

Our morning enthrallment began in the cosy corner where her sofa sits under the windows. This wooden beauty is from Bali and is colloquially known as a Chibutat. On it lay curled Aradhana’s pet cat Snickers (one among the five feline members of the family) purring and rolling her eyes at the intruders.

In her room, there are countless things that draw you in, the color of the walls being the first and most striking. Experimenting with a dark shade looked difficult to begin with, but the lovely charcoal hue that resulted is just perfect. It involved a weekend visit from Singapore and several iterations with the painter…

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