Bass Rock

Wow!!!! What a spectacular shot!

The World according to Dina

Ding doun Tantallon,-
Mak` a brig to the Bass

Old Scottish saying for something impossible (origin unknown but assumed in the 16th c.)

Travelling the south-east coast of Scotland you can’t miss Bass Rock. It’s a 351 f. high and steep rock in the outer Firth of Forth – a highly visible landmark a little bit more than a mile off the coast. In our brilliant B&B – next to a nuclear power station – we could even see Bass Rock from our beds. It reminded our dear Master on J.G. Schnabels “Insel Felsenburg” (island of the rock castle), an influencial German utopian novel written in the 18th c. Well, that’s typical for our beloved Master, isn’t it? Dear Dina was fascinated by Bass Rock. She felt drawn to it like the Scottish philosopher Boethius 500 years earlier.  But not only she and Boethius were captivated by this island…

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