#28: The Westerly

What a fabulous place and great review!


Huevos Rancher-NOs Huevos Rancher-NOs

#28 on blogTO’s Best Brunches: The Westerly

The Location:The Westerly (on Roncy, north of a Kind Exchange)

The Time: Saturday morning, early September

The Company: Chris and Kara

Veggie Menu: Creme Brûlée French Toast, Frittata, Eggs Benedict with a substitute of sautéed spinach, lemon ricotta fritters, honey almond granola, Huevos Rancheros, vegetarian baked Mac and Cheese, and two salad options, but who goes to brunch to eat only salad?

Guard Dog, come to brunch with me? Guard Dog, come to brunch with me?

The Westerly was our third brunchventure (don’t autocorrect me, MacBook, that’s what I meant to write) in Parkdale. I’m smitten with the neighbourhood and happily went on to buy two sweaters at Kind Exchange for $10. I also admired Heisenberg and Los Pollos Hermanos drinking glasses at an antique/general store. Also, we saw a dog guarding Himalayan Collection. Unfortunately for the Westerly, I remember all of these things better than I remember…

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