Volcanoes and Aircraft

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In 2010 the Icelandic volcano Eyjyafjallajokull erupted. Although the eruption itself was small the ash cloud it produced caused major disruption to airline travel across much of Europe. Over 20 countries had to close airspace to commercial aircraft and more than 10 million passengers were affected. The cancellation of so many flights meant a huge number of airline tickets needed to be exchanged or refunded costing commercial aviation companies a lot of money.

Now another volcano in Iceland, Bardarbunda, is causing concern. Seismic activity has been recorded happening underneath the volcano. These earthquakes, with some measuring over 5 on the Richter scale, could leave the volcano unstable. The volcano is covered with a thick layer of ice meaning when the lava reaches it another huge ash cloud could be formed.

Airlines do not want to be caught out again. Some have already begun diverting flights away from the area and…

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