Intersection redesign in Utrecht

Yeah! I am so happy to see this! I sure wish that re-construction for bike paths was more common worldwide!


In this post a second look at a recently reconstructed intersection in Utrecht. In the first post about this reconstruction I focused on the differences between the before and after situation. In this post I focus on how people cycling (and walking) use the new intersection in more detail.

Child on the Marnixlaan crossing The new intersection has improved the situation so much that it can be used by young children on their bicycles much safer than before.

This reconstruction underlines again that building infrastructure is about choices rather than available space. The cross sections of the four streets leading to the intersection already give some information about these choices. The one-way cycleways are narrow but at least the minimal width of the CROW recommendations (2 metres) was observed. Even though that width is recommended for less than 150 cyclists per hour during rush hour and it seems pretty sure that there are more peopleā€¦

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