10 things to do while riding to Ladakh

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The Satori Saga

1)Motorcycle through the Himalayas

Motorbiking on one of world s most adventurous roads could be a pride to all the advanced riders. If you would like to see enchanting valleys, unsteady weather,  snow clad mountains,  frozen lakes and rugged terrains, riding through Manali-Leh/Srinagar-Leh is what you should do.

Baralacha La on bike Chronicles of Narnia;)

Top notch it in jagged style by riding on a Royal Enfield classic .Psst Perfect for pillions

Ladakh bike The ride that served as our house for 4 days

2)Stay in tents

It’s not necessary to carry a bunch of camping set and load your free space. All it takes in this region is to just let your spirits free and follow the road. Stay in the tents nestled in the midst of snow capped mountains. These are open to everyone who stops by for a relaxing overnight stay. After all, to reward yourself with the effort you have taken, you deserve…

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