10 easy steps towards a healthy diet (Part 1) + recipe for a soba noodles salad

Nice! All I can say is Wow! What a fabulous site. Great pics and recipes!

Vegan Sundays

Many people who eat my food say very often that they find it a wonderful way of eating, but that there’s no chance they can maintain it, as it takes too long to cook, the ingredients are unfamiliar and the preparations are too complicated.

Actually, I find it quite an easy and approachable way of cooking and eating, but I can also understand that it might be a too-far step for some people. So, what ever diet you are following or not following, here are 10 easy and quick steps of adjusting your diet into a healthy diet without new ingredients, preparations and recipes. Not yet.


 1) Salt

That’s one very easy adjustment you can do in your daily cooking and perhaps the one that will bring you the most health benefits.

Commercial Kitchen/Table salt is a mined and a highly processed product. It lacks minerals and it is…

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