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Wise words here. Meredith, you are so right. Tact and kindness are always important!

Meredith's Reveries

A nice thing about blogging is I can speak my mind. I still try to do it with tact and kindness.

We write poetry about love, passion, sex; nothing much about monogamy. Young things express their dismay over failed “romance” as they spin the wheel and settle for brief physical encounters. My opinion is that it is a good idea to recognize true abiding love from the heat of physical attraction, especially in my case looking back over two failed marriages. If you care to go to school from my experiences, please do.  If not, leave and no hard feelings. Dear ones, there is so much more to love than attraction. I operated under the false premise that sex = love. You can’t build on that sifting sand.

After mutual physical attraction there is:


Common interest

Common core values


Willingness to grow



Devotion along with emotion


You might be 20 or 80…

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