Fishy business

I love this!!!!

tn pottery


The Tile Museum in Lisbon, Portugal has an interesting exhibit by Sylvain Bongard that reflects on the sea and marine life, something I have always been very drawn to. It is also very much in tune with Lisbon’s current wave of promotional imagery, with everything sardines – from key chains, to earrings and hair pins, mugs and aprons, even decorative sardines in a can – ruling over more traditional icons.

Bongard wants to draw attention to the fragility of marine ecosystems and the dangers of the diminishing fish stock. For a country like Portugal, that could mean more thank just economic hardship for those whose livelihoods depend on fishing; it could also mean a severe blow to an important cultural trait: the Mediterranean diet and its reliance on fish and sea food.

Bongard makes colorful, fun, human-faced fish that almost seem to be talking at you. Go check it out…

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