Osprey #70, Soring High



Osprey 070

An Osprey that was flying over our boat up to the St. Lawrence Seaway earlier this month.

After my last post of the Bushtit from California, I received a notification from WordPress wishing me a Happy Anniversary. This site is two years old now, Wow. Never thought that I would have lasted this long though I struggle from time to time. Anyway, after two year I’ll show you what I’ve accumulated for stats so far if it means anything at all anyway. I’ve definitely seam better stats on other sites.

So, in two years:   103,182 Views, 5,508 comments, 1,401 posts and 2,354 followers. I think that last number is a little off but,  I my have about 150 to 170 active followers from 118 Countries to my site. I’ve enjoyed sharing the images that I have taken over the last three year wall  I’ve had my current digital camera body. Thank you so…

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