Travel Theme: Merchandise

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In our travels, we always come across merchandise displayed in shop windows.

I like window shopping- different cultures have their way of displaying merchandise.

The way merchandise are displayed in Japan is quite interesting and unique.

The shops are full of colors and vibrancy which are unique to their culture.

The following images were all taken in Shinkoku, Japan.CIMG5497

The first image is taken at the Towel Museum, the colors are just interesting.DSCF0291

Near to the Kintai bridge is this small shop which sells ice cream with 100 flavors – 100 flavors is their selling point – and there was a long queue of visitors waiting to buy.DSCF0365

Pottery shop alongside a waterway in Shinkoku.CIMG5575

Traditional lanterns displayed in the window shop.CIMG5583

Never saw an optical shop in such attractive colors – on first sight, I thought it was for something else.CIMG5587

Bags! These are what ladies…

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