Flashback: My war with gawkers

Fabulous write-up about biking and gawkers!

mike on bike

Banner image of binoculars looking at the ocean.

As passionate as I am about cycle touring, there is one teensy-weensy part of it that I could do without. It’s more irritating than a punctured tire, more exasperating than bad directions, even more maddening than a headwind that just won’t quit.

I’m talking about gawkers.

They thrive wherever the concept of personal space doesn’t. With heads aslant and mouths agape, they stand three feet away from me and watch my every move. Whether I’m setting up my tent or eating a cheese sandwich on a park bench, gawkers never miss a moment.

At first the attention didn’t bother me. In fact, it was kind of flattering. Curiosity is an endearing quality and it was nice to think that my travels captivated people so completely. So I went with it – I let mobs of people crowd around my bike and stare as I squirted grease on the chain.


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