Chilcotins – Float Planes Rock!

Fabulous write-up!

Mountain Biking Zanes' Blog

In NZ the most deluxe and exotic mountain bike trips are done by helicopter. In Canada they are done by Float plane – in this case by a 1962 de Havilland Beaver . We had rolled out of our tents to a bluebird day and stuffed our packs with sandwiches. We had a mission planned that involved flying to the far corner of a map we had. The route involved 4 large mountain passes and huge amounts of singletrack glued together with a modicum of knowledge gained from hearsay of others. Mark and I were so excited we had a nap in the sunshine on the wharf while waiting for the float plane to arrive.

Tyaughton Lake lounging Mark grabs 40 winks in the morning sunshine

Turned out we were asleep on the wrong wharf… but a quick rearrange had us sorted

Wharf Boys, bikes and a Beaver

4 boys and 4 bikes were soon packed into…

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