Cedarhurst Cafe: Natural Light and Natural Food

Wow! It is so nice to see healthy cuisine in restaurants!


If it weren’t for an online dating service, there would be no Cedarhurst Cafe in New Haven’s Ninth Square. In 2009, Match.com brought Teri Bernet and Tom Panzella of Milford together, creating not just a romantic partnership, but a business one as well.

Teri, raised in Connecticut, had a busy work life in Florida and Kentucky, working in the cruise-line industry and then for a custom builder. Her marriage to a chef ended and Teri found herself back in Connecticut.

Meanwhile, Tom, an engineer, took on a new business opportunity in the 1990’s: Donut Express on Woodmont Road in Milford. Dunkin’ Donuts bought it in 1996 and Tom returned to engineering. After another decade or so he got tired of commuting to his engineering job on Long Island, and tried his hand at professional poker.

“Teri told me, ‘You need a real job,'” Tom says, “and I said ‘I have a real job,’ she said ‘No, you need a real job.’…

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