Wow! Amazing pics!


Allow me to step back in time here, if you will.  The following images have been languishing in my “still to be edited” folder for almost 8 months.  And through no fault of their own, mind you.  The establishment they depict is one of my favourite Cape Winelands locations.  Given the competition, that’s top marks!

Babylonstoren is one of the oldest and best preserved werfs (farmyards) in the Cape Dutch tradition.  Cape Dutch Architecture is a 17-18th century style of architecture defined by rustic, robust whitewashed (thick) walls, flat-fronted gables and thatched roofs.  I LOVE this style of architecture.  While it has its roots in medieval Europe (Holland, Germany and France), it seems to be right at home in the Cape. It’s this historical and aesthetic context that sets the scene for Babylonstoren, an estate right in the heart of the Cape Winelands.  Aside from the working farm, the estate also has…

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