Playing Catch-Up: C-ville to Harpers Ferry, WV

Wow, what a hike! I am jealous… We are already getting a little snow here in the mountains. I sure hope that I can get one more hike in before the snow is to deep and the bitter cold sets in. Thanks for the share!

Nice Day for a Hike

Queen Ann's lace

So, you know the drill by now – we don’t post an update for awhile, keeping y’all biting your nails in anticipation…then we wait a little longer…then BAM! Massive updates all at once! Well, our blog-writing habits haven’t changed. Sorry for the delay. Let’s catch up, shall we?

As mentioned in a previous ‘By the Numbers’ post, we had a wonderful send-off from Charlottesville by our friends Edward, Erin, Rafe, and Zach. These guys made leaving C-Ville a little easier by camping with us our last night in the area. Thanks for the fried chicken and hot dogs; the punny jokes; and awesome night. Y’all are amazing friends!

Best selfie photo bomb ever ;) We love you guys! Best selfie photo bomb ever 😉 We love you guys!

We spent the majority of our remaining time in Virginia hiking through Shenandoah National Park (SNP). SNP was very green and lovely with relatively easy hiking and lots of blue berries, black…

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