Taking care of houseplants

Fabulous write-up on how houseplants are beneficial to ones health!! Thanks you!

Growing with BioSafe

Indoor plants don’t just make your home beautiful.


A recent study showed that certain houseplants can effectively purify indoor air while reducing stress, headaches and sharpen the mind & soul.  This is true for me. Plants make my happy. Someone gave me this orchid a few years ago that I adore. Every time I see it, I think of the person who gave it to me and smile. I also have a Christmas Cactus that was my husband’s grandmother’s. So go ahead and buy someone a houseplant as a gift.

My husband is always coming home with a new one and we battle about whose job is it to water them. We recently gave that chore to my seven-year old, Brody. Sure, give a container filled with water to a boy and have him walk around the house with it. Nothing will go wrong!

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