What a wonderful pic! So cute. It brought a smile to my face. A great way to start my day! Thanks

The Golden Dood

Australian_Cattle_Dog_puppy_mascotHey there friends! It’s Wednesday, half way through the week. We love when we get half way through the week because that means we’re so close to the weekend. And who doesn’t love the weekends? Today I wanted to talk about something that I think is so cool. I swear these days there is a “national day” for everything. There is national dog day, national cupcake day, there’s probably even a national take a shower day. That was just a guess, so don’t hold me to that. Also, if you did not know this, there are also national months. There are months that raise awareness for diseases, there are months that fundraise for disabilities for humans as well as dogs, and then there is a month dedicated to being a responsible dog owner. Can you guess what month that is? That’s right, you got it- September is National Be a…

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