THE CHIANTI SCULPTURE PARK: a magical experience

Wow… breathtaking. What an amzing place!

Life in Tuscany

THE CHIANTI SCULPTURE PARK is located near Pievasciata, a small village not far from Castelnuovo Berardenga, around 10 km from Siena.
The park was realized by Rosalba and Piero Giadrossi, lovers of contemporary art.The inauguration of the park was in 2004, after 5 years of work.
THE CHIANTI SCULPTURE PARK is a permanent outdoor exhibition of contemporary art, surrounded by a forest of oak, holm oaks and chestnut trees.
The works(sculptures and installations) are made by famous artists from all continents of the world.
All the artists have visited the forest to find the good place for their works, that are in perfect harmony with the nature surrounding them.
The visit to the park is like stepping into a wonderland world where human intervention is able to blend in with nature enhancing its beauty.
Many different materials have been used for the creations, including iron, glass and granite.
The visit…

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