Mom-Owned Business – Totally2TooCute

Wow! These moms are inspiring! Another great post! TY for the share

South Hills Mom

The name of today’s featured business pretty much sums it up – Totally2TooCute!  With ribbons, bows, and tulle galore, this mom of all BOYS has something for the little men in your life, too.


1. What made you decide to start T2TC (Totally2TooCute)?
My love for tulle started about 5 years ago and hasn’t stopped. However, T2TC did not come about until March of 2011. I started making tutus for family and friends,then decided to turn my hobby into a business. I feel as if T2TC has sky rocketed since then.
2. Do you have a favorite product that you make?
It is hard to pick a favorite item when all of my creations are custom made and filled with an equal amount of love. IF I had to pick one item to be my favorite right now, I would have to say my tie tees for the boys. They…

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