Enchanting Gigantes ⛵

Great pics and write-up, Thanks for sharing!

The Bella Travelista 💋

When was the last time you braved the raging sea and its strong current? I did it in Caramoan and oops I did it again in this trip…

Our day started at 3am. From One Lourdes Dormitel, we were fetched by our Iloilo tour guide, Jeanne. Together with our other ‘tour mates’, we snored our 2.5 hour land travel to Carles, Iloilo to which we then reached Chateau de Aow and had our breakfast.

image Approaching Isla Antonia

After breakfast, we went to the port and started our island hopping. I still couldn’t believe that we have braved the huge waves and strong current of the Pacific Ocean just to get to Islas de Gigantes. Mind you, it was a 2-hour boat ride before we reached our first island, Isla Antonia.imageimage

I really liked being in an isolated island. I wanted the peace and solemnity of a paradise. This is the…

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