Searching for rare plants in 2014

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Nantucket Conservation Foundation's Science and Stewardship Department

In mid-January, Jen Karberg (NCF’s Research Supervisor) attended the annual New England Plant Conservation Program (NEPCoP) MA Task Force Meeting to discuss rare plants and the state of rare plant populations and management in Massachusetts. NEPCoP is a collection of professional botanists, conservation organizations, universities and state agencies organized in order to document New England’s rare plants and assist in managing and maintaining populations of rare and endangered plants.  In 1996 NEPCoP published the first Flora Conservanda – a list of the plants of conservation concern (rare, threatened and endangered) in each of the New England States.  NEPCoP recently released an updated version of that list for 2012.

Each state in New England has an organized NEPCoP Task Force to manage the monitoring of rare plants across the state.  The Task Force for Massachusetts meets annually in January to discuss review rare plant surveys from the previous year, plan…

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