A Day on the Ranch

Forget yesterday – it has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow – you haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift – today.

― Steve Maraboli ~

horsesSummer came to a quick halt in northern Montana. Here and gone before I had a chance to hike a dozen summits in Glacier Park.

Well, let’s hope that next summer will offer more group hiking opportunities.Now mind you, I do not mind hiking alone. But Glacier has many Grizzly bears and it is not wise to take a journey alone.

As of late, our days have been filled with pouring rain and thunder. But yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. It was in the mid 70°’s with a slight fall wind that whistled through the trees.

I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day on the farm with my friend Vicky. She has about 10 acres with horses, dogs, cats and the whole lot. A typical farm here in Montana. Vicky is a full-time working gal who oftentimes needs my organizing skills. She called me up asking for help. Yep, I jumped on the opportunity to get some fresh air and a change of scenery.

barn cat

Now Vicky is a kind soul who comes and picks me up since I don’t drive. She has tried paying me for travel time but I won’t have it. The 20 mile or so ride is more than priceless. There is a pristine view of the Swan Range and valley gorge entrance into Glacier. A magnificent view! I also love seeing the old homesteads on our way. This is horse country and there are some amazing architectural sites both old and new.

On the way to her home we stopped at one of my favorite coffee shops. Oh, how I love fresh coffee, especially when it’s roasted locally and organic! Today it was extra special. I had filled my drink card and my bean card. I was given a full pound beans and a drink of choice (Mexican mocha) for free. The day was starting out fabulous!

wasp nestNow, I have to say that Vicky is not only a very busy person but she’s a procrastinator. She would much rather trail ride with her horses than tend to maintenance that is long overdue. I can’t say that I blame her.

Needless to say, the garage doors were in very bad shape.They were in need of a total makeover. It took some work, a lot of sanding and prep. But with the barn cats help, we got it done.

The biggest challenge was my discovery of a wasp nest right above my head in the rafters. Unfortunately,  I didn’t get a very good pic because I really didn’t want to linger to long. Getting stung for the perfect shot is not my idea of fun.

mustangDuring a small break I decided to roam around a bit to see if I could find a few good pics. I discovered that Vicky had a beautiful Mustang over by one of her old sheds.

Now I’m not talking about a horse mind you. This classic is in supreme shape and quite remarkable!

All I could say was, “Wow, what a beauty!”



I thanked Vicky for the perfect day and then we said our good-byes.

An Unfortunate Mishap

ambrosiaMy day ended rather strange though. Just a note: Quite often I watch my granddaughter in the evenings. Beings that it’s a small town, good evening daycare is hard to find.

So I help and cherish the times with her. We had to go to the store (a mile walk) because there was no milk for my morning coffee. 🙂

Now if my friend Vicky had the right kind of cow, I would have milked it right then and there. But anyway, I had quite the experience in the grocery store. Now as you probably know, I only eat organic. Oftentimes I grow my own food but I really don’t have room for a cow. Otherwise I would.

Well, we were shopping in the organic department when I heard this loud boom. One of the workers had fell to the floor. The crazy thing was, people pushed their way to go over and help (one person in their 30’s in particular).

My immediate reaction was to go to the service both and notify the manager. Luckily it wasn’t to far away. In the meantime, people were trying to lift her up. Not a good idea. No-one knew what was wrong with her. She really wasn’t very coherent. The poor lady couldn’t  even give a number between 1 and 10 to describe her pain level. People also tried to lay her on the floor. My, my.  The same 30 something guy asked her if she forgot to take her meds today. I must say that his mentality was quite limited plus he acted like a healthcare professional. This is how people sustain worse injuries. I know the gentlemen was just trying to help, but sometimes this kind of help can do a lot of damage to someone.

I tried telling everyone that the lady should not be moved because we did not know what was wrong with her. But I was still dressed in my paint clothes so my words didn’t hold much validity. I tried! I must say though, my 6 1/ year old granddaughter behaved more appropriately than most of the adults.

Well, the ER’s showed up and a gurney was brought in.  I left before they loaded her onto the ambulance. I do hope it wasn’t to serious and that she recovered quickly.

mustang and mountain view

Picture Credit

All pictures on this post are Copyright © mecheshier and by law cannot be used without the artists permission.


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