Caught in the Rain

Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s a day you’ve had everything to do and you’ve done it.

― Margaret Thatcher

wet ratI came home yesterday looking like a wet rat. Here I was returning from a clients 1.3 million dollar home and a sudden Rocky Mountain storm hit.

Now, if you’re not familiar with these type of storms, I have to tell you that they can be quite dangerous. Oftentimes I find myself in the ‘eye’ of a thunderstorm, close to getting electrocuted. Really! This is not a tall tale.

About a month ago I was caught in a similar storm..   I was outside taking photos when the storm hit. Luckily I was near a house and went inside immediately. Now I was about 16 miles from home. On these days I take the public city-to-city transit for only a dollar…  so my  bike ride for the bus transfer was only four miles away.

whitefish riverWell, I waited for the storm to cease then headed down the road. I made it without much riff-raft and did not get ‘wet-around the collar’, or so to speak.

I hopped on the bus and proceeded to talk with a fellow rider.. She was young and had just came from her first day at work. We both talked about the crazy storm. how a few trees blew down, the rain came gushing and the rumbling lightening that engulfed us all.

The young girl explained that she was also in the eye of the storm while talking on her cell phone. She said that while she was talking a bolt of lightening struck her like a bullet. She came out of the ordeal unscathed but has some pretty wild hair and a dilapidated cell phone for proof. Wow… she was to young to know how lucky she was.

Well, I was not so fortunate today. By the time I bicycled to town I was drenched. Yes, I had rain gear on. But when you have huge droplets coming down in torrents, you are bound to get soaked.

But I really didn’t mind. It wasn’t to cold out and I was in what I call ‘photo’ mode. I stopped often to take that perfect pic…

deerThe only upsetting thing was that I missed the perfect shot of a hawk, two times. I spotted the hawk and immediately got off my bike. By the time I got my camera out and turned it on, the beautiful hawk flew away.

I got further down the road and the hawk was perched on the telephone wire. Yep, I missed the shot again.


I get the sneaky feeling that the hawk knows that I really want a pic. So he fly’s away the moment I turn on my camera. Well,  I did manage to catch a few shots of some deer. I got one and a half, there were three deer.

coffee shopI have to say that the invigorating rain revitalized my senses. It set me in a most pleasant state of thought. I stopped by my favorite coffee shop to get my weekly half pound of Italian Roast beans then headed for the bus stop .

Although, waiting for the bus to arrive and the 30 minute ride home kept me quite idle. By the time I got home my  teeth were chattering like some crazy skeleton in an old-time movie.

I decided to call home and ask for a big favor. “Hey, can you have coffee ready for me when I get home, I am drenched to the bones?” My ‘seldom asked’ favor was fulfilled. So the moment I got home I started a mineral salts bath, grabbed my coffee and soaked to my hearts content.

~Yes, I accomplished everything I needed to do.. Thanks Margaret Thatcher for the wonderful tip!

Picture credit

  • Wet rat: marko the rat via photopin cc
  • Whitefish river: Copyright © mecheshier
  • Deer: Copyright © mecheshier
  • Coffee Shop: Copyright © mecheshier

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