Challenged by my Friends

glacier parkBlogging ~~~

Okay, I must admit that I’ve been putting off starting this blog for some time now. But my three other sites are dedicated to specific subjects. One for organic recipes, one for green living and one for up-to-the-minute news. Now you can imagine how much time it takes to run my webpages. I also post to other sites like HubPages. But really, there is no good excuse. It’s called procrastination! 🙂


Now my friends tell me I have the best stories. They say that everyday there is always something interesting that happened along my days journey. Well, I have to admit that I generally have a great story to tell about my adventures, whether hiking the summits in Glacier Park and being chased by a Griz or or going about my daily errands sidestepping the manic drivers.

People tell me that I need to start a blog about my journeys. They say my stories are intriguing, adventurous and very unique. As of late, my friends have challenged me to start a blog or book about my travels. So here we are.

So folks, this is my first entry about Travels with Mary.

~Deep Breathe…. short pause~

At the moment I cannot believe that I’m at a loss for words. Yikes…. well, sort of. Since this is my first entry I wanted to give my readers an amazing adventurous tale. Unfortunately, my day was filled with unbelievable mishaps and lack of good customer service.

A Near Accident

woman riding bicycleTo start off, I had a near accident with a 80 something year old gentleman that about knocked me flat on onto the pavement. Yes, I was walking my bike on a sidewalk that crossed the entryway of a parking lot. This man decided to look for passing vehicles but not for pedestrians (that’s me). He was so close that I actually hit his hood with my hand to wake him up. Needless to say, he was startled. The good news, I wasn’t ran over and he didn’t have a heart attack from the near miss.

Something you should know. At a young age I decided not to drive. In truth, I’ve never owned a license. I am a great driver with a lead foot. I drive wonderful in the mountains and country but put me around other cars and I freeze. I lose all sensibility. While driving, I literally take my hands off the wheel when a car gets to close. I have done this two times while learning how to drive in town.  My defense is to throw my hands into the air and say “I’m not driving”.

So I decided that I didn’t need a license after-all, especially since I wanted to live beyond the age of 25.

The Bank

my bank tellerOkay, back to my crazy misshapen day. I survived the remaining crazy drivers as I scurried around attending to business. I had to deposit a check into my bank so I could pay my cell phone bill. Since the check was not from my bank, I let the teller know that I could not wait for it to process during the night. She was very cordial and called the other bank to make sure the funds were available. No problem.

Now the teller was new to her job. And mind you, it was very busy since we just got over a three day week-end. The new teller informed me that she did not know how to work the software to override the auto processing for non-bank checks. She then proceeded to bring out a note pad and started writing a reminder.

The young teller let me know that she would need assistance from someone more experienced and would deposit the check into my account later since she was so busy. The note was to remind her to do the transaction when she had the time. Now here she had my check, signed and sealed ready for deposit.

Yikes… don’t you think that bank transactions need to be done when the customer is present? Well, I let the teller know that I was needing the funds available immediately. So, we waited a few minutes and received help….. yeah… Now please don’t misunderstand me, the young teller was very polite. I think it might be time to get a new bank account, don’t ya think?

Cell Phone

old phoneOh my, I really don’t like going on-and-on about negative subjects. Doesn’t it seem to you that when one bad experience happens, many follow? It’s almost like dominoes. But one thing I have definitely learned in life is to NEVER say “it can’t get any worse”.

Well, I have a new cell phone service and I needed to make my second payment today. Just so I can get on with a more positive note, I will give you only the highlights.

  • My account in their system was set up wrong for payment
  • The CSR needed my phone in order to fix the issue
  • I told the CSR NOT to enter my bank card into my phone
  • She replied that she wasn’t doing that
  • Well, you guessed it. She did…

Just a note: I am very Identity Theft savvy and take extra precautions. I also have a computer science degree.


Enough is Enough

So I finally got home and couldn’t wait to take my shoes off and pour myself a cup of coffee. You guessed it, I was out of coffee..  Oh well, I had to chuckle at this point. No need to get upset, right?

A fast dash to the store on the bike..  grab coffee and milk, some snacks.

Home again home again, Jiggity Jig.

Until next time. Bye Bye

cup of joe

Picture Credit

Glacier Park: Katie@! via photopin cc
Woman riding bicycle: bichxa via photopin cc
My bank teller: twentysixcats via photopin cc
Old phone: John Starnes via photopin cc
Cup of joe: JonathanCohen via photopin cc


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